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Improve Your Score: Learn The Simple Formula That One Student Used To Achieve a 99.65 ATAR

Download your simple and easy-to-read guide that will show you… Exactly how you can drastically improve marks in the English HSC.

With step by step instructions, you will find out what you need to do when researching an essay, constructing a thesis and writing a high range response. The new edition includes a full breakdown of the new Discovery Area Of Study.


In This Ebook You Will Discover…

Three High Range Essays

See what techniques the best of the best use. Knowing how a Band 6 Essay looks will stop you from making simple avoidable mistakes.

Paper One Guide

In this book you will learn how to study for the first paper in the English HSC. Find information on how to tackle comprehension, creative writing and extended response.

Paper Two Guide

Digestible information that explains the syllabus in simple terms. Everything is covered in English Standard, Advanced, Extension One and English as a Second Language.  

Essay Planning Skills

Find out how to plan ahead so that your essay comes across in a clever and interesting fashion. 

Essay Writing Guide

A step-by-step guide for writing essays that covers the introduction, body and conclusion – all specific to the HSC! 

Examiner’s Thoughts

Get inside the head of a marker with feedback written alongside each of the three essays. 

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