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How to use Context in a HSC English Essay


Context. There’s a great word! But what is it? If you are an Advanced or Extension student, you have probably been wondering about how to use context in a HSC English essay. Let’s start with the basics. Regardless of the complexity of a topic, every piece of learning in the study of English as a…

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Trials and Tribulations – Episode 22 – Save My HSC Show


Examinations and trials. Lots of words have to be written in a short space of time. How do you deal with the pressure? In this episode we explore a few strategies that will help you keep a cool head when you’re sitting your exams.

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How to Prepare for the HSC English Trials


One of the great sadistic joys that a teacher can feel each year is watching students dodge, dip, dive, duck, and dodge away from their responsibilities as the exam period looms closer and closer.  Where I see most students falter is in their dismal lack of planning for the HSC English trials. The Higher School…

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"Before I was assisted by Save My HSC, I was only able to push out essays, stories and speeches that were averaging marks of around 70%. Thanks to this tutoring service, I'm now able to produce work that is of a high achieving calibre, displaying results of 85% and higher in both Advanced English and Modern History. They have helped me immensely in my studies and I highly recommend the Save My HSC team as the go-to tutoring service."

- Christopher Fouras

"Save My HSC has helped me develop skills that have assisted me in gaining the confidence to strive for my learning objectives. Their tutors have introduced me to a wide range of outcomes in order to attain not only better grades but also the mindset to achieve my goals. One tutor told me that 'success is the product of a series of failures' which I have taken on board as a philosophy. Couldn't recommend them more highly for one on one tutoring!"


"Save My HSC has been incredibly helpful in distilling the HSC English syllabus. They have covered creative and essay writing as well as assisted me in analysing my prescribed texts. I now have a powerful grasp of the English language and feel confident in my ability to communicate a written message."

"Save my HSC is simply a marvellous tool to improve, offering methods and techniques as well as branching and expanding context. This tool has improved my grades immensely from average marks to high outstanding marks. Thank you Save my HSC."

- Rashid Ali

"Save My HSC Tutoring was a huge help during my final time in the HSC. I received great advice and feedback which gave me confidence to prepare and succeed in my English Advanced course. English was the subject I found most difficult at school and before the tutoring I was honestly doomed to fail the exam. Now I am so happy with my HSC mark and thrilled that I was able to achieve a Band 5 in English!"

- Lucy Andreoni

"Save My HSC has been a wonderful support for my son Konnor during his senior studies. Not only is Paul there to guide him through his assessment tasks, but also offers advice on surviving this stressful time. He is approachable and understanding. My son has gained confidence and looks forward to his weekly sessions. A big thank you to Paul and the team at Save My HSC."


"After working with Save My HSC, I sat my half yearly exams and achieved 87% for my essay where my average has usually been 60%. I can't thank Paul and the team at Save My HSC enough for helping to build my confidence and skills in English. I used to hate this subject, now I LOVE it!!!!"

- Gloria Duong

"Save My HSC has assisted me in boosting my grades from barely passing to high range marks. Definitely recommend them!"

- Rose Tyack

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