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We respect the wisdom of the past and allow it to illuminate the path to the future.


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Students learn when they are inspired. Informative English tutoring improves comprehension in nearly every single subject. Save My HSC's mission is to treat our English texts with love and respect so that students can find the beautiful gems of information that drive them towards authentic understanding.

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Paul tutor


Standard English, Advanced English, Extension 1 English, Extension 2 English, English as a Second Language

ESL: Reading, writing, listening, speaking (GE, ESOL, IELTS, TOEFL iBT, CEF)

Paul has been tutoring for over half a decade. He knows exactly how to prepare students for their English HSC. From essays to creative writing and all the comprehension in-between, he will build skills and confidence in students. Paul earned himself a Master of Publishing at the prestigious University of Sydney which has honed his reading, writing and teaching abilities. His secret weapon for sharpening student grades is his immense love for literature, film and art. Paul knows and understands all the well-known texts, and he always does his best to fire a tiny piece of this devotion into the minds of the people he teaches. He assists students in weaving contextual information into succinct, comprehendible paragraphs.

Specialist Texts

Paul has become familiar with a number of texts that are associated with the high school curriculum and often re-reads texts to deepen his level of understanding. As well as the prescribed texts, he has a large list of related material to augment his ability to assist students. 

Here are a few of the HSC texts that he is familiar with: 


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We are a group of education enthusiasts with a knack for creativity. Save My HSC is all about helping you simplify your studies and get the grades that you deserve!

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