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We are a team of educators who understand and believe that the Australian education system needs an overhaul and an update. Learning is not something that should be structured and uninspired; we are here to offer free resources that have been meticulously created by our collective experiences as well as tuition from HSC English specialists. Any questions, comments or feedback on how we can improve the site should be directed to

hsc english modules and electives


This is where HSC ESL, Standard and Advanced English diverge. Each of these courses has their own modules, otherwise known as units of study, and electives within these modules. Each student will study ONE elective from each module, with the modules conveniently named A, B and C to avoid confusion. Just like the area of …

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english syllabus"

The Syllabus

Syllabus is just a fancy word the Board of Studies uses to scare students, but essentially it is a document that outlines exactly what you can be tested on, what you need to know and the reasons why you have to study the various topics that you do. The first ten pages are simply the …

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