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We are a team of educators who understand and believe that the Australian education system needs an overhaul and an update. Learning is not something that should be structured and uninspired; we are here to offer free resources that have been meticulously created by our collective experiences as well as tuition from HSC English specialists. Any questions, comments or feedback on how we can improve the site should be directed to

Standard English Module C: Texts and Society

According to the Standard English Module C: Texts and Society, students are expected to ‘explore and analyse texts used in a specific situation.’ Quite often, texts focus on a particular event or issue. The Board of Studies wants students to be able to identify key information about how these specific texts convey bigger ideas about bodies of …

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Module A Standard English

In order to achieve a high grade in the HSC, it is important to know exactly what the syllabus and prescriptions are asking for which is why we have provided a breakdown for Module A Standard English. What this module is asking students to do is look at how people see and communicate about relationships …

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Area of Study Discovery

Area of Study Discovery is the big scary phrase that you will be accosted with for a good portion of the year. This portion of the syllabus relates to your first HSC examination or as it is more notoriously known ‘Paper 1’. This paper is broken up into three sections.   Section 1: Comprehension Throughout your …

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English Paper 1 Comprehension – Standard and Advanced

English Paper 1 Comprehension is one of the most ignored sections in the HSC for both English Standard and Advanced students. If you are looking for an introduction to Paper 1: what it is comprised of, what to expect, and how best to prepare for your first ever HSC exam read our Introduction to Discovery post which is …

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