Super Study Habits For the New Year


We’ve officially entered the New Year and you have probably gone ahead and set a few new years resolutions. I do hate to break it to you though… most resolutions don’t make it much further than mum’s Christmas pudding did last week. There’s a reason for this. Whenever you decide to change something about yourself,…

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Studying for your HSC?

Studying For Your HSC

It all comes down to this. Most of you will now have graduated and will be doing your final preparations for the HSC English Exams. It is a very stressful time, but rest assured that in a few weeks time it will all be over and you will never have to even think about area…

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Success – Whatever it takes

The skills that you develop in order to do well in the HSC are not limited to just your school life. Successful people are not the ones that hang around waiting for opportunities to arise. They work hard and they are willing to put in the time and the effort needed to do well. Sometimes…

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