Surviving the HSC Trials

In an act of supreme mercy on the part of our educational system, you don’t just sit the HSC once, you get to sit it twice. Yes, celebrate good times, come on, you’ve got the HSC trials coming up!   Now is a good time to work with a tutor to quickly identify exactly how…

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HSC Stress Management

The HSC is sometimes, unhelpfully, billed as one of the most significant years of your life, a year that will determine the outcome of your ENTIRE life, and its success and happiness. Stress, a peculiarly human psychological phenomenon, is frequently the result of seemingly unbearable pressures imposed on us.   The success of your HSC,…

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Memory Retention and learning in HSC English

Link information with what you don't know

I can’t forget, but I don’t remember what… The psychology of Memory Retention In your final year of High School you’ll come up against more than just your fellow students’ ambitions, parental pressure, the expectations of bureaucrats (your princi-“pal”) and the cryptic code of the Board of Studies syllabus. You’ll come up against yourself. Like…

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Learning Styles

The way we learn isn’t always straightforward – our personalities and learning styles have a lot to do with how we process and retain information. According to the VAK Learning Model, there are three main types of learning: Visual Visual learners go by a basic concept: “Show me and I will understand”. This means that…

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