Free at Last!

out of context bird

An ode to the students of 2017. This poem is dedicated to all the students and family members who welcomed me into their lives and hearts. My world is warmer thanks to you, the polarity of our icy caps no longer distinct, I’m glad to call you friends too.     We’re free, free at…

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Module A Standard English

In order to achieve a high grade in the HSC, it is important to know exactly what the syllabus and prescriptions are asking for which is why we have provided a breakdown for Module A Standard English. What this module is asking students to do is look at how people see and communicate about relationships…

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5 Things Every Band 6 HSC English Essay Must Have


Achieving excellent grades in HSC English is something that not all students believe that they can achieve. The reality is that every single paper can be distilled into a few core elements…. And you know what the good news is? There is a formula that you can learn. All the good work of your teachers…

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Identity and belonging – As You Like It

As You Like It

The crucial relationship between identity and belonging is explored in the play As You Like It by William Shakespeare. The play deals with the universal dilemma of disconnected individuals searching for a place of belonging, to regain a lost sense of self. In the play Shakespeare identifies a number of different ways which one can…

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Analysing Visual Texts

Analysing visual texts can seem daunting… Especially when it comes to essays. How can a simple image or picture book be broken down into a long-winded analysis? It’s easier than you think. Following are some techniques you can use when breaking down images to their basic elements: Body Language/Gaze This is for images with people…

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