HSC English Module A Elective 1 Exploring Connections
Exploring connections is very much a value and context study

The first elective in module A focuses on the connections between texts and the benefits of looking at connections between texts that exist across time.

The syllabus states that students will explore “meanings of a pair of texts and how they can be shaped and reshaped by considering the nature of the connections between them.” Basically, they want you to look at and give good examples of how the meaning and your understanding of any given text may be shaped and changed by connections between that text and another text.

Exploring connections is very much a value and context study. Values are hard to define but the basic idea is that a value is something an individual or group gives significance to, such as scientific progress or more generally, intelligence. Context is, as it says in the syllabus, exploring connections between texts will “enhance understanding of the values and contexts of each text.” You need to make it clear that the connections between the texts have helped you to understand the context and values of the time in which one of the texts was composed.

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