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HSC Discovery – Introduction


As you may know by for now for HSC Discovery, students of both English Standard and English Advanced share the challenge of tackling common content for their English Paper 1, the first hurdle in the HSC (rat) race. Mercifully, those responsible for the administration of the HSC appreciate that this is a stressful and challenging…

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Study Plans that You Can Stick To

dr evil planning

Have you ever found yourself trying to force a study session and being completely crushed by an unrelenting lack of motivation?  Fear not, you aren’t alone. As it turns out our default mode of being is finding the path of least resistance. That’s not your only challenge either… The biggest wall you are faced with…

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Breaking it Down – Exam Questions and Thesis Statements

breaking it down exam questions and thesis statements

They say the beginning of something is always the hardest part, and this is especially true for essays. You’ve read the question; you know what to want to say, but actually writing it out takes careful planning and a fair idea of where you want to go with your essay. The first point will be…

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