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      What our customers are saying…

      Save My HSC has been incredibly helpful in distilling the HSC English syllabus. They have covered creative and essay writing as well as assisted me in analysing my prescribed texts. I now have a powerful grasp of the English language and feel confident in my ability to communicate a written message.
      How do you choose your tutors?

      Tutors who work with us are first tested on their knowledge about the syllabus and texts that they are going to be teaching. Next they have an online interview to assess their presentation skills. All of our tutors are also subject to a Working with Children Check from the Office of the Children’s Guardian. Tutors who work with us are tertiary educated in subjects related to their teaching fields.

      What sorts of assessments can you help with?

      We don’t only focus on essay and creative work. If a student has an oral presentation, we can help with voice projection and pronunciation. Additionally, we can assist with research and study planning skills. Our tutoring service is not just designed for students to pass exams, it is designed to give them the tools to:

      1. Comprehend the task
      2. Prepare for the task
      3. Execute the task

      We aim to create strong autonomous learners and performers.

      What subjects do you teach?

      We teach years 7-12 in Standard English, Advanced English, Extension 1 English, Extension 2 English as well as English as a Second Language which includes reading, writing, listening and speaking tasks.

      Can I pay week to week?

      Yes, some students choose to pay as they go along.  There are no obligations or contracts signed. We love feeling free and would like to share that sentiment with the people who we work with.

      Can my money be refunded

      As we offer a service where teachers not only deliver the lesson but also spend a great deal of time preparing the lesson plans, we do not refund lessons that have already passed. If you have purchased a package and are unhappy with how things are going, please contact us and we may be able to arrange a partial refund.

      How long do packages last?

      Packages are designed to be used week to week with a 2 weeks leeway (we understand that sometimes you may need to reschedule a lesson). Packages come in either 5 or 10 one hour sessions. You can book two hour lessons with a package as well. If you are going on holidays or are unable to attend lessons please give us notice and we can see about extending the time period within a reasonable amount.